Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello & Welcome to my Blog! I'm sharing here my Money Earning and Traffic Exchange Methods. Some of them have paid me, I've posted payment proof for them. Some of them I've started using recently, so I've not get paid & no payment proofs have been posted for them. But these are looking good to me & I think it will good to join them also.
One most important thing - these methods do not require any investment except some of your time on internet. Choose the methods like autosurfing if you don't have much time.

Money earning methods with payment proof:

1. Upload your files to ziddu & earn when anyone download them. The rates are best in the industry. No differentiation between countries. Downloads from different countries are paid by same rate. Users can download more than one files simultaneously. Pay-out is at 10$ monthly. Check the attached payment proof.

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See Payment Proof:

2. Upload your images to sharedimages & get paid when someone downloads them. You can download images to ziddu but ziddu does not provide thumbnails for images. Get 1$ bonus on joining (Sign-up). Pay-out is 5$. Check the Proof.

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See Payment Proof:

3. Just convert your links to linkbucks & earn money when anyone click on them. You can put these links on forums. Check the attached payment proof. I've been paid several times. Pay-out level is 5$.

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See Payment Proof:

4. The below offer is for only USA & UK people. There are 2 schemes in this, either get cash payment or get gifts from by accumulating points. I got paid 1$ for 2 referrals signed-up under me (Although referral under me are 7 but you get paid only for referrals from USA & UK, 0.5$ for each joining). Check the proof.

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See Payment Proof:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Money making methods with payment proof

Paid to Click (ptc) are another way to earn money without any investment. I'm posting here the ptc sites from which I've been paid several times. Payment proofs will be posted shortly.

1. Neobux is the most trustworthy ptc sites operating from quite long and paying.

See Payment Proof:

Money making methods without payment proof

1. VirtaPay is developing a private virtual currency and payment processing service to make real-world buying and selling online easier, more secure and available to everyone.

Now working:
*Person-to-Person transactions.

Coming soon:
*Payment processing for digitally-delivered goods.

In development:
*Merchant website integration, including payment processing modules for popular shopping cart software.
*Facebook integration features.
*And much, much more...

What You Get??
  • You start with a $25 balance and it's free.
  • VirtaPay will add up to $20 per day to your account for participating.
  • You get $10 per person you refer to VirtaPay.
  • You could have hundreds or thousands of dollars in your account by the time we launch, without ever making a deposit!
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2. OneDollarRiches is a great way of earning money. You just register with $1 and then you will have opportunity to earn hundreds of dollars by making others to join through your link.


Below are some Paid-to-Click websites in which you can earn money by clicking advertisements. I've joined these sites and hope to post payment proofs soon.

1. Clixsense

Per Click: Upto $0.02
Ads Per Day: 4+

2. Ayuwage

AyuWage Services - Get Paid to Visits Sites and Complete Surveys

Per Click: $0.001 to $0.015
Earnings Per Day without referral: $0.1+

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Traffic Exchange Sites

Some of them also pay for your credits.

1. Join the below mentioned site and earn free traffic for your site. You can also earn money by selling the earned credits to other members.

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2. Join the below mentioned site and earn free traffic for your site. You can also earn money by several other ways.

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3. It provides you credits for visiting websites. But it is good that you don't have to actually visit the site, you can just click on the 'visit website' link & then reload the page continuously untill you reach the limit of credits you can earn. I've got several referrals using this.

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4. Traffic builder, just put your web/blog there & they will send traffic to it.

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5. Autosurf webpages earn credits for you. You can place your web/blog & it will use the credits earned by you to promote your link. You can also earn money (6$ for 60,000 credits, this is the payout limit also).

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